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Ticker Tape Digest - Bargain Short Sell Trades

For Conservative Bears

Selections for Week - Starting Tuesday - September 27,  2010

Potential Bargain Stocks to Sell Short - For September 27

Suitability: For average investors. The strategy seeks stocks in a down trend that have staged a minor rally. The key to the entry is to move in when the rally peeters out and they start to roll over and go down again..

They will do very well during bear markets. They do not work well in bull markets. The key is that the stock had staged a weak rally within an overall down trend.

Guidelines: These issues work best in bear markets and sometimes in trading range markets. The key is for one to put a sell short order in just when the upside momentum has started to switch to the downside. If the company has poor earnings coming, the roll over back to the downside could lead to a nice gain for bears.

Investor's Temperament: Suitable for average investors with patience and confidence to sell short.

Potential Return: Some of these issues can be extremely big winners in bear markets or on sharp market pullbacks.   

TTD's Bargain Short Stocks - 2 short plays found for the week.

TTD's Favorite Potential Bargain Stocks to Sell Short - For September 27

TTD's Favorite Pick among Potential Bargain Stocks to Sell Short from Prior week

Beckman Coulter Inc. (BEC) - 47.13

Set Sell Short Entry Point Near - 47.13

Set Protective Stop Buy Near - 49.90

Performance of TTD Bargain Shorts from Weekly List set up September 20, 2010

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