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Ticker Tape Digest's Management Team

Mr. Leo Fasciocco - President and Publisher of Ticker Tape Digest

 Leo has been publishing Ticker Tape Digest for 19 years. The TTD report is used by institutions and individual investors.

 Leo has over 30-years experience in following the markets. He is a nationally-known investment consultant and radio and television commentator on the stock market.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, he was the stock market columnist and investment education write for Investor's Business Daily. He was called the "dean of stock market" writers.

 Mr. Fasciocco's specialty is closely following the tape action and technical movements of stocks. He wrote the book "Focus on Equities." His articles were used in the books "Guide To High Performance Investing" and "Encyclopedia of Investing."

He also has a profound knowledge of corporate fundamentals such as earnings having attended meetings with the Accounting Relations Board in New. York.

Mr. Fasciocco has been on radio shows in Washington, Florida, Arizona and on CBS and CNBC. He is a speaker at the Money Show Conferences.

Earlier in his career, he spent quite a bit of his time interviewing the president of many of the U.S. major corporations such as General Motors, Ford, Exxon and Walt Disney Co.  He is married and lives in Arizona. He worked on Wall Street while living in New York and at the Board of Trade while in Chicago.

You can contact Leo via email. leo@tickertapedigest.com.  You can telephone him at 480-878-8381 or 480-704-3331. You can write to him at Leo Fasciocco, Ticker Tape Digest, 1220 West Sherrri Dr., Gilbert, Az., 85233

Ms. Beverly Owen - Chief administrator with Ticker Tape Digest.

 Beverly has been involved in the investment business for 15 years. She overseas accounting and customer relations. If you have any questions about your account, Beverly is the one to ask.

She was formerly with Owen/Cole Investment Management, which specialized in equity portfolio management.

Ms. Owen is a graduate of UCLA. She is married and lives in Arizona.

You can contact Beverly via email. owen@tickertapedigest.com.  You can telephone her at 480-704-3331 or 480-878-8381.

You can write to her at Beverly Owen, Ticker Tape Digest, 1220 West Sherri Dr. , Gilbert, Az. 85233.

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