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Leo Fasciocco, publisher of Ticker Tape Digest is a nationally known investment writer and money manager.
{short description of image}He writes an analytical stock market report for his publication Ticker Tape Digest. It covers momentum investing, bargain hunting, long-term investing, quick trading and shorting.
TTD is used by investment managers handling several billion dollars and also individual investors.
The TTD Pro report includes a 15- to 20-minute midday market multi-media broadcast.
He also manages individual equity accounts through Corona Investment Management.
Leo was the stock market columnist for Investor's Business Daily from 1984 to 1998, during which time he was called the "Dean of Stock Market Columnist."
His specialty is closely following the tape action and technical movements of stocks. Leo is also a regular columnist for eSignal's subscriber newslett, the Exchange.
He has been a speaker at the Money Show Conferences held in Florida, Las Vegas and San Francisco.
He also gives private educational investment seminars.

LEO FASCIOCCO 'S WRITINGS Leo has written more than 400 educational articles on investing that have been published.
He has also been interviewed by radio and television commentators.
Some of his many articles for eSignal's newsletter, the Exchange, were used in eSignal's published book Focus on Equities.
His investment articles were used for the books Guide To High Performance Investing and Encyclopedia of Investing, both published by IBD. CONTACT INFORMATION leo@tickertapedigest.com

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